Choosing a Cool Name for Your Dog

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Choosing a Cool Name for Your Dog

The first time you picked up your pet on the street, a small puppy, you were more concerned about nurturing it to regain health. He fed him, joked with him and helped him get acquainted with the other members of his family. The idea of naming him somehow came second. Now that you’ve spent a few weeks at home, it’s time to be baptized.

But little did you know it was going to be so difficult. The names you have created are very common or do not seem to be good for them. So how do you choose a name that is unique and that fits your pet perfectly?

Here are some “pros and cons” to select a great name for your new canine friend. Also find a list of big names for dogs.

What to do? You should choose a name that you like and that you find comfortable using others.

If this is your first pet, you may be looking for something really creative. You can choose a creative, but it’s best to keep it short and sweet. A word composed of one or two syllables is an appropriate choice. Shorts are easy to remember and work especially when you have to repeatedly call your pet stubborn.

You should consider the breed, physical characteristics, sex, personality and size of your dog when including appropriate names. Look for a cute name for bitches if you have a toy dog ??like Poodles, Terriers, Spaniels, Pekingese, Pomeranians, Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso. Strong, large, powerful dogs need a name that reflects their unique personality. If your pet just got home, you should wait a few days before naming it. Personality traits become evident as your pet slowly establishes itself in its new environment. The physical characteristics and personality traits are an incredible source for the great names of dogs.

Choosing a Cool Name for Your Dog

You can select a name for your pet. One for public use and when you share time alone or with your family and close friends.

Choose a name that fits you as you get older.

What not to do? Do not choose a name that shames you in public.

It is not a good idea to select a very popular name. This can cause problems when you are in the park. You can call your dog and many others will respond simultaneously. But if you really want some popular name for your dog you can click here find some cool ones.

Do not use names that sound like commands. The dog’s brain finds it difficult to differentiate between the two. An example is Fletch, as a recovery command.


Physical characteristics: are descriptive and are usually based on the color or marking of a dog. They include ginger, rusty, blemishes, tiger, cinnamon, fluffy and spots.

Personality Traits: These are based on the special personality traits observed in your dog. They are Speedy, Snooper, Tubby, Sparky, Shadow, Princess, Prince and Bubbles.

Human Names: Many choose to baptize their pet after a loved one or some celebrity. The choice is wide in this category. The most common include Elvis, Bruno, Annabelle, Britney, Albert, Ella, Simba, Charlie, Stella, Lion, Maya, Willow, Max, Dexter and Luna.

Multiple Pets: If you have multiple pets, you can choose names that usually go together like “salt and pepper”, “sugar and spice”, “Laurel and Hardy” and “Moe, Larry and Curly”.

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