Facts About Lifeguarding That You May Not Know

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Facts About Lifeguarding That You May Not Know

Pop culture has put working as a lifeguard into the spotlight. Generally, it is thought of as being an easy summer job that occasionally requires some physical activity to rescue guests. While guests may only occasionally need to be rescued, lifeguarding is anything but easy. Here are some other facts about lifeguarding that you may not have known.

The Job is Different Every Day

While scanning on the lifeguard stand may seem very mundane, the fact is that every day you experience different people and different situations. Your number one job as a lifeguard is to ensure the safety of the guests of your facility and you need to be doing different things every day to achieve this goal. While scanning guests in the water, you must constantly be assessing their physical abilities and conditions.

Think You Are Done Practicing After Passing Your Exams? Think Again

Once you pass your exams and become certified you are ready to become a lifeguard, but that won’t be the last time you will need to pass a test or practice your skills. The fact is that many employers will ask you to complete a test prior to gaining employment at their organization. In addition, every lifeguard must keep their skills up to date by practicing throughout the season and off-season. It will also become important to pass a test when your re-certification date is coming due.

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