PCB Non-Disclosure Agreement

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PCB Non-Disclosure Agreement

You can be assured that the PCB assembly San Diego pay close attention to every detail from the beginning of first talking to you until after they have shipped your order and you are completely satisfied. Your questions and concerns you can solve with they customer service representatives.

You can contact them by sending an email or by calling their San Diego office. You should be talking to one of their friendly, knowledgeable representatives shortly to discuss the specific requirements for your specific PCB Assembly Services.

PCB Non-Disclosure Agreement

Their US representatives live in the United States so you won’t have any trouble understanding them or having to deal with cultural or time-zone issues. Once they understand generally what you are looking for with your PCB Assembly Services, they will want to get into the specifics. But they understand that your PCB Assembly Services is proprietary and they want you to know that will protect your important design information.

You will probably want to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you have your own you can sent it to them by email, or if you would like can send you their own version. PCB assembly San Diego will keep you sensitive information safe during the whole process of quoting your PCB Assembly Services, to production and shipping them to you.

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