What to look for when looking for eBay wholesale suppliers

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What to look for when looking for eBay wholesale suppliers

Did you just start your own eBay business? Congratulations! Selling on eBay is a great way to profit from a home-based business.

Did you choose your niche? If not, do a market research and find a niche near your heart that has good potential.

Once you have chosen your niche, you should be looking for good suppliers for the items you want to sell on eBay. Where can you find such suppliers and how can you be sure that they are reliable?

Here are some things you should check before buying a large supply from a supplier:

o Make sure the items are genuine. Many wholesalers, especially from China, will sell fakes from well-known brands. If you want to sell items with authentic high prices, make sure you check this is what you are getting from your supplier. If you are out to sell cheaper items and you do not care about fake ones, you should still know in advance exactly what you are getting. Ask your wholesale eBay suppliers for some documentation that they are authorized resellers of the brands they are selling.

o Be careful if asked to pay by wire transfer or other forms of uncredited payment. Sometimes, especially when your supplier is from China, this is not necessarily bad. It is not easy to get credit cards or membership to PayPal when you are a Chinese supplier. However, if you are dealing with eBay wholesale suppliers that are located in Western countries, demand to pay only by credit card or PayPal, to protect yourself from fraud.

What to look for when looking for eBay wholesale suppliers

Before making a large order, ask for a small sample. In this way you can check the quality of the product, make sure that this supplier actually has an offer of what he is selling and see how he reacts in the various stages of an agreement. You can see if the items arrive on time, are well packed, etc.

When dealing with eBay wholesale suppliers from Western countries, if you are not asked at any time for a tax number or other checks of your status, be cautious. This can be a scam.

Do not rely solely on online communication: pick up the phone and call the provider’s phone number. Be satisfied that you are answered by the vendor representatives. If the person answering the phone does not identify himself when answering the phone, this is a red light.

Especially when it comes to wholesale eBay suppliers from China, ask for some references (preferably western) and get in touch to ask about their experience with this dealer.

One way to protect yourself from fraud is to contact China wholesale suppliers from a verified vendor directory. There are some lists and directories online, and through them you can find suppliers for many of the hot niches that you might be interested.

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